There is a deep-rooted in the history of humanity concerning the use of different herbs for human consumption for recreation and medicine.  Since the dawn of time, nature has been with us – being our source of life: food, water, habitat, clothing. There are millions and millions of species of flora and fauna, whether they are specified or undiscovered and unspecified yet. But of course, with the wide variety and unknown species, there are for sure elements that are for our good and benefit, and there will always be things in nature that are not for our use because they are dangerous for our health and wellbeing.

One of the most popular, talked about and controversial herbs that are known to humans and its society is cannabis, or marijuana. Marijuana goes by a lot of nick names and street names like, MJ, Mary Jane, Kush, Dope, and Pot just to name a few. In a nut shell, it is a plant that appears to have a green to gray mixture of tones and from here Cannabis sativa, its flowers, are derived and sourced from. Marijuana can be consumed in several ways, like smoking it in paper-rolled joints, in bongs or in cigar wraps. The effect to the human anatomy that is given by marijuana is a state of feeling high, because marijuana contains a psychoactive or mind-altering chemical that is responsible for these effects. The name of that chemical is THC or in its generic term delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. That chemical resides in marijuana and is released when exposed to heat – that is why sometimes marijuana is also heated in oil and is mixed with food like cupcakes, brownies and cookies and consumed like ordinary food – this gives the consumer the same effect.

Now, a number, or majority of countries consider marijuana as an illegal substance, meaning that this cannot be purchased, sold, used, distributed to any person no matter what the situation is, it is considered as a dangerous drug or substance. But studies now have proven that marijuana has medical properties that can help with a certain number of diseases and illnesses. It is found that being high is just a side effect, and its medicinal properties are its main effect (for comparison that glutathione’s main effect is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant and its whitening effect is a side effect). A lot of research has already been done with regards to the medical use of marijuana and dispensing it as a regulated substance. States like Colorado have been dispensing and distributing medical marijuana in licensed dosages and packets.

This is considered as a step towards progression in the view of marijuana in the society’s eye, and they lead as an example in marijuana’s medical prowess. Of course, all suppliers and dispensaries in this state are licensed and regulated by the government. States like California have also approved recreational use of marijuana, also in legalized and licensed packets and dosages for recreational use.