How easy is it for your church to adapt to the new technology? What does your church think of technology? Is it a friend or a foe? Over the years, the church has always taken time to adapt to the fast-paced life. Unfortunately, the church has never welcomed change with open arms. And now that we are living in a technological era, it has become almost impossible to avoid the change brought about by new technology.

But even with all the developments, it still becomes challenging to introduce these changes to the congregation, especially the older generation. Use of technology, such as a church management software has helped in making it easy to manage the activities of a church. But how do you introduce new technology to a rather conservative church?

Get the Leadership Onboard

Every church has leadership whose role is to ensure that the activities of the church run smoothly. If you are looking into introducing new technology, then you have to get the leadership on board. Without their approval, you are most likely to fail in your quest. If you win the support of the church leadership, then it will be easy for the congregation to embrace the change.

Take Advantage of the Influence

When it comes to introducing change to a conservative church, there is nothing that works miracles than the power of influence. There is power in numbers. When you have the support of the pastoral staff, senior pastor and your colleagues, then other members will follow suit.

It is essential that you rally for support from key people in the church as well as the rest of your peers. Teach these people how to use the new technology, show them the benefits and also make sure that all their questions are answered. The few people that you train can help in training others on how the technology works.

Creating Awareness

When you win the trust of a few people, then focus on creating awareness. You can achieve this by designing and putting up posters and handing out flyers. You can also ensure that it is included in the weekly announcements. After launching the new tool, ensure that there is consistent and persistent communication. It allows the congregation an opportunity to learn.

Highlight the Benefits of the New Tool

People won’t adapt to the new technology unless they believe that it is beneficial and reliable. Make sure to address any questions fronted by the congregation about the new software. Also, ensure that you are ready to address all the challenges that members may encounter while using the new technology.

Ensure that the New Technology Serves the Church

Any new technological changes should be used to serve the church better. If the technology doesn’t benefit the members, then there is little possibility that it will succeed. Before you introduce technology to the church, you should ensure that it benefits the church, it simplifies the work of church leaders and congregation and also it empowers them to administer the gospel more effectively.