In today’s world, technology is very vital. Technology is basically used in all sectors of the economy. Despite its extensive use, it has various advantages and disadvantages. In this era, people can’t imagine living without their computers, televisions and mobile phones. Technology came crawling and slowly took very essential parts of most people’s lives. They can’t imagine a day without technology. The thought of even having no technology is tormenting to some people. Technology is already a lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that are involved with modern technology.


The evolution of technology has been beneficial to human beings. It has touched various sectors of their lives in a positive manner. For example, at a medical level, technology has overseen many people get treated for various illnesses. Additionally, it has seen the lives of many get saved. Technology has assisted medical professionals to detect, treat and combat all harmful bacteria’s and viruses. The Invention of computers was a brilliant idea. Since its invention, communication has been enhanced all over the world. Various technology companies like can communicate freely with other organizations from other foreign nations. Technology has made various research projects effortless. Many of the milestones that searchers found challenging have now been simplified.

Major organizations view time as money. They value saving time in order to increase their production. It’s for this reason that many institutions are embracing the power of technology. Companies are investing in modern technology so that their production can be efficient and faster. With technology, various things are being discovered every day I.e. bitcoin mode of payment. Technology can be termed as the genesis of most of the things that we have and experience in life. Technology has improved and made lives bearable. With technology, there is surplus food on our tables. Industrial and agricultural machines are used on the farms to hasten the production of food. We can’t compare today’s agricultural production with ancient times. Today, we are way ahead in terms of advancement.


Modern technology also has its own disadvantages. Dependence on modern technology has become widespread which is a significant challenge. With this kind of technology, man permanently switched off his way of thinking. For example, the invention of a calculator, man forgot how to carry out mental calculations.

Ancient man was very sharp and smart when it came to mental assignments. Subsequently, the rise and elevation in modern technology have also led to an increase in unemployment. Machines are slowly replacing human labor. They are more reliable and can work endlessly as long as they are powered by electricity.

The work that was meant for man is slowly being snatched away. Every day, man is becoming obsolete. Campaigns against autonomous machines replacing human labor should be emphasized.

Technology which involves the manufacture of an atomic bomb poses a negative impact on human life. This kind of technology encourages violence and war which eventually lead to the loss of lives and property. This kind of technology should be regulated. It should be faced with laws that inhibit its proliferation.