Start talking about using fewer paper documents in the office. It is not possible to go paperless overnight. People need to change their mentality about using paper documents. Start taking small steps to encourage employees to go paperless. A good idea is to reduce the number of printers in the office. Reset printers to use both sides of paper.

Work towards using online invoicing systems. Your company will save postage money and reduce the time for preparing and sending out invoices. Contact your banks, utility companies, and service providers to start using paperless payments. Recycle paper in your office. Place paper collection boxes where everybody can see them. Encourage people to reuse and recycle non-confidential documents.

Convert office manuals to portable document format (pdf) and place them in cloud storage. Everybody will have access to these documents from their computers. All employees will have access to the same documents regardless of where they are now.

Saving Printing Costs to Improve Return on Investment

Going paperless will save the company money. The company will start buying fewer printers, paper, ink, and toner. Fewer people will be involved in printers’ maintenance. Positive ROI will not happen immediately. It will take time and efforts to incorporate paperless environment.

Improve Company Security System

We all know that paper documents are not secure. Papers are lost or filed in the wrong cabinets. It is rather simple to come to an office and get a paper document even if it is locked up. Locks are not that hard to break. On the other hand, access to electronic files can have passwords. Passwords should be changed frequently. Electronic systems keep track of passwords, who accesses the document and when it is accessed. Electronic documents can be encrypted for stronger security. Getting rid of paper systems and switching to paperless documentation improves company security.

Disaster Recovery in a Paperless Office

If a catastrophic loss of paper files happens, about 70% of businesses will fail fast. If fire or water damage happens in a paperless office, the disaster recovery is much easier. Electronic files are backed up regularly. Nowadays, companies use cloud storage for their computer files. Fire and water damage is not a concern for a paperless office. If a disaster happens, the documents will be safe. The recovery will be quick.

How Paperless Companies Launch New Products

Companies have customer email lists. New product launches happen faster and with fewer efforts. We are talking about saving millions of dollars in printed promotional materials, postage, paper, ink, and paper storage. Electronic communication with clients is faster. It is cost efficient. By creating paperless offices, we save trees. Trees consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen people breathe. Trees contribute to our health. Saving trees is profitable and noble at the same time.